Helpful Steps in Getting the Catering Process Started

Step 1: Go to our Catering page, click Personal Catering and determine which direction you would like to go in with the food:

You can order off of our traditional buffet entree menu’s (Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond) or our Heavy Hors D’oeuvre Menu’s (Silver,Gold and Platinum.) You also have the option to create your own menu from our Heavy Hors D’oeuvre Menu!  Wedding clients: you always want to have a few hors d’oeuvres passed around for your guests to nibble on while you and your bridal party are taking pictures before the reception!

What is the Difference?

Both of these menus are served buffet style however we can be a bit more creative with the displays with the heavy hors d’oeuvre menu and your guests will get quite a variety. However, some people still prefer to go with more of a traditional style, which is just as tasty!

Step 2: Once you have decided which type of menu you want to work off of, begin going through the menu to determine menu items you like. Start to formulate a food budget that you feel comfortable with spending per person just for the food portion of the catering. NOTE: This will not include wait staff/beverage/etc.

Step 3: Decide which way you would like to go with the beverage. Contact the office for more information in regards to beverage packages.

Step 4: Now you can leave the rest to us! Email our Director of Catering at or call us at 910-796-0520 with your food budget and the way in which you want to handle the beverage and we will break down all additional costs (i.e. wait staff based on the amount of people you are having as well as any other additional costs) for you in a proposal.

Now you will have a complete breakdown in price before you schedule your tasting! Let’s face it … we all want to know what we are getting ourselves into!

Step 5: Book a tasting with Bon Appetit ($25 per person) for events of 60 guests or more. The Tasting will be a variety of Hors D’oeuvres, Entrees & Desserts selected by the Chef.

Let the fun begin!